Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hot Swimwear Made in Cold Ass Portland?!

Despite Jantzen Swimwear's mind-shatteringly annoying jingle and their subsequent insistence on playing it at an ear-piercing level at their runway show last weekend, their bathing suits and cover-ups are pretty cute. I like the way they combine vintage-inspired designs with modern prints and fabrics. They had a lot of stuff that was not exactly my style, but I still had to appreciate the cuteness. At the same time they also had some hot stuff that was definitely my style and I want it all.

Jantzen has also been producing bathing-suits locally in Portland since 1910, so that's pretty cool, right? What is not cool is that they do not have pictures of their present collection on their website, just a few retrospective pics that (impressively) span the past century..... http://www.jantzen.com/ if you want to see for yourself. Beware, annoying jingle will play when you open their site so put your computer on mute first!

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