Friday, October 16, 2009

Models Stricken With Fear When Forced To Pedal Down Narrow Runway

So the Ready To Roll show was refreshingly more low-key than the rest of fashion week. The crowd was smaller and had way more bikey and punky people compared to the "I love the Pearl" crowd that made up the night time shows.

This show gave me hope that more people are going to get into bike commuting strickly based on the new wave of fashionable biking attire. Ready To Roll proved that there is a lot more to bike clothes than your typical spandex. There was a lot of stuff on the runway that you wouldn't even have to change out of when you got to work or wherever, provided you were not ridiculously sweaty. Some of the clothes harkened back to the bike clothes people wore in the early 20th century, while other designers took practical staples like helmets and panniers and made them way cute.

Since all the designers (29 in all) were lumped into one show, it was hard to tell exactly who made what. The most obvious was the accessories. My favorite was Nutcase Helmets. Good job guys! Way to make a non-dorky helmet. Okay well, all helmets are kinda dorky, but these are stylish and offer a lot of variety. I am going to get the gold sparkly one and wear it even when I am not riding my bike. Shit, I'm just gonna sit on my ass and watch Melrose Place and look fabulous on the couch wearing that thing. Wait, I just went to their website and my gold one is not there, dammit! Now what am I going to do!?

Uh, anyway, my favorite thing about this show was that the models actually rode bikes down the runway. The runway was narrow and you could see the fear in the models eyes as they wobbled onto their bikes, trying their best not to take out front row audience members. Amazingly, no models or audience members were killed.

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