Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Polygamist Momon Attire Redux

I thought I had the perfect dress to be a polygamist Mormon cult member for Halloween. However, once I pulled up some pictures I realized that the cut of my dress is all wrong: my dress has short sleeves, theirs' are long; my dress has a modest scoop neck, theirs' have a high spread collar. My dress is also lace while theirs' look like cotton. My dress is a good gross lavender color though--which is perfect--and its really creepy looking, so I still think it would make a fantastic costume.

To my delight I found this great picture of some fashion inspired by the Mormon dresses courtesy of goth-wear specialists Artifice (www.ArtificeClothing.com). So good! I love the shiny fabric and the fact that we can see the control top part of the models' tights.

I know those women went through a lot of shit in that cult, but I think the worst part of it all was having to exist in the prison of those hideous dresses.

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