Monday, November 9, 2009

"Content" Puts Fashion Week to Shame!

Despite the general excitement of Portland Fashion Week, there was a sense that it was not an accurate representation of all the fabulousness our local designers here in Portland have to offer. Many talented local designers were missing from fashion week due to high participation costs etc etc. However, these designers got the chance to showcase their fabulous clothes at Content. Located at the Ace hotel downtown, each designer was given free reign to transform their hotel room into the ideal space to showcase their fabulous designs.

And transform they did. Each room was like a different world! There was the murder room, the dinner party room, the German outer space room, the speakeasy room, the room with the fish in the sink + bathtub, the room with the cute guy making jewelry, and so on. It was great! Not only were there tons of beautiful clothes to look at, but it was also a full blown spectacle filled with nooks and crannies of meticulous decoration. My next few posts are going to take a closer look at some of the designers featured at Content.

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