Saturday, October 9, 2010

Nice Conflict Back Patch Seth Aaron

Omj, who knew Seth Aaron was so cute!? Well, I for one did NOT since I just started watching Project Runway this season!

Tonight was Portland Fashion Week 2010's fourth installment--a night entirely dedicated to former PR contestants. I saw Seth Aaron sitting across from me on Thursday night and I was like "Oh, he is adorable." But tonight he took it to the next level with his Conflict back patch. Sethy is a punk rocker..eee eee.

What he was wearing aside, all the looks he sent down the runway were Fab-u-lous! Definately the best looks of the week! I loved all the headwear that looked like it was practically consuming his model's heads. I was way into his futuristic cyber punky looks. Strong shoulders and vinyl, hot. I wish I had better pics, WAH!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Harmony Korine for Proenza Schouler?!?

WTF?! Its funny that the peeps in Proenza's marketing department thought that this would be a good idea. I mean, I like it but it seems like a lot of people thought it was depressing. Tell me what you think!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Anna Paquin's Emmy Dress

I think Anna Paquin's Alexander McQueen Emmy dress is really pretty even though the top part totally looks like a Gladiator or a Roman solidier or something. She looks very regal in this dress, like an Egyptian queen. The top of the dress is very ornate, but the rest is quite simple and elegant, so it works. Anna has shown her love of McQueen before on the red carpet, and has proven to be a quite fearless dresser, so this was the perfect thing for her to wear. Mwah, love you Sookie!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Karl Had Beezies Trotting Around Fountains Days Ago

So people will not shut up about the new Louis Vuitton fall collection. You know what I'm talking about--the one with all the supermodels and the cleavage. When I first saw this collection I felt like Marc Jacobs was telling me to get back in the kitchen. I mean, why would he want to take women back to the 50s? I know everyone is obsessed with Mad Men and everything, but what about all the back alley abortions and segregation and lord I don't even want to get into it!

But I have to admit, I was intrigued enough to give the trend a try via Topshop. I'm too much of a chunkler to really pull off the whole wasp waist thing, but I managed to find a high-waisted full skirt and paired it with some tight tucked in tank top type thing. I've got to say the response was overwhelming. I felt pretty bangin, and this one man went as far as to yell, "WOW!....WOW!.....DANG!!!" at me from the gas station. I know dudes at the gas station will hollar at anything, but he was getting really worked up.

It was then it hit me, this look isn't about 50's nostaliga, its about sex appeal. Thanks for bringing back cleavage Marc, and my boobs thank you too.

But the fountains, the fountains, you must watch these videos to understand about the fountains! (Watch for Stamoo tripping all over her super-long dress; thank goodness the other models helped her for the final walk!) P.S. I love you Karl.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Coolness Queen: Agyness Deyn

I often find myself wondering, "Can Agyness Deyn get any cooler?" Well the answer is definately a big YES with her hot new haircut. Lets take a peek at some recent pics of this stunning Brit. The next two outfits are from Aggy's romp at Coachella.
Dang girl, your summer style is off the chain!

This studded cowboy/mom vest takes this outfit to a whole 'nother level. You're killing me girl! ORANGE FINGERNAILS! POP POP! The top half screams Anthony Chon Cardott while the bottom half shouts Katy Perry California Guurrrrlz (or however she spells it). Aggy is one of the few people who truly looks stunning in Daisy Dukes (Chon on top, owwwwoooahwooah).

That gold blouse on the bottom left is also pretty hot.

Hot festival style. An asymmetrical babydoll dress w/ Doc Marten boots and thin black socks. I think shes wearing that necklace as an earring in the previous outfit. Clever girl. Also I believe her oh-so-practical (the rubber soles will stand up to nuclear waste!) and timeless (I've been wearing the same pair since I was 14!) Docs make a repeat performance in the bottom photo of her walking across the street, this time decked out in green laces. By the way, did you know that Portland is home to the only Doc Martens boutique store in the USA! Woohoo! Anyways, this dress looks very comfortable but also very chic. The spaghetti straps and the v-neck class it up a bit and the fabric looks crisp, but the asymetrical pleated skirt gives it a downtown hipness. Its like did she make that? Or is it couture? Keep em guessin' girl.

AAAAAHHHH! So good! Loving your manfriend's shoes. I wish I had one of these masks when creepos were taking snaps of me at Coachella!
A very fabulous New York pic from A's excursion to the Statue of Liberty. I want her friend's leopard pants. Agoo is totally wearing the same Stevie Nicks shirt from her Chon look back up top.
Looking like a hot dorky dude getting into the car, LOVE IT!
Motorcycle jacket, *siiiiighhh*.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Gayest Show Ever

Karl Lagerfeld's Spring Summer 2008 rtw is officially the gayest runway show I have ever seen.

This runway is fabulous! The clothes have have elegant simplicity with a punky edgy. This is how I would want to dress if I worked in an office. I like the gothy mesh sleeves/undershirts that were worked into a lot of the outfits, as well as the bondagy bracelets and necklaces. Short fluffy skirts over shiny strait legged pants is super cute! Don't miss Aggy being turbo fiernce at 7:48! Other hilights:

1:35--Lara Stone's imprisoned child dress
2:35--PRIEST PROM! kind of reminds me of Balenciaga and orphan uniforms
5:43--Jetsons with a too high nude bikini top triangles. Radioactive! Hella goth sleeves.
5:55--Pretty! My favorite!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kristen Looks Fierce in Pucci

Kristen looked so beautiful at the New York premiere of The Runaways in her sequined Pucci dress and elegant french twist hairdo. Sultry.

She also wore a stunning Pucci number from the fall 2009 collection at the Elle 2010 Syle Awards. Normally when I think Pucci I picture hot bright colors and psychedelic 60's prints. I love the neutral tones and the bold geometric prints of these dresses. They maintain the same character as the classic Pucci style and pair that with a futuristic tone. Beautiful!

Its very Kristen that one of her hanger loops acidentally is popping out. Where's her assistant to stuff that thing back in there?!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Daphne Guinness: Style Icon

Daphne, Daphne, Daphne, what a rare gem you are. This brewing heiress can always be found rocking a new crazy trend. She was one of the few people brave enough to wear the McQueen armadillo booties, which caused so many people to squeal "Ugly! How would you walk in those!?".

Daphne's style is a little gothy, a little futuristic, always forward thinking. Her signature two-toned hair and Marilyn Manson contact lenses--which she magically makes look sleek and sophisticated--ensure she will always stand out in a crowd. Not only does she look fantastic, but this dynamic style icon and collector of Haute couture is also a designer and a journalist.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Vivienne Westwood

I like this whimsical, Alice in Wonderlandey show for Fall/WInter'10/'11. Well, maybe its more like Alice in Mustachio Land. Either way, Viv is so kute!

Spring/Summer '10 is pretty fun too. "Get a Life"! Marathon numbers! Yeah Yeah Yeahs! Viv has the best hair and outfit of the show at the end.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Sweet F.A.: A Rock and Roll Fashion Show

Sweet F.A.: A fashion show where bros put on a bunch of guy-liner and try to act rock and roll, and are spotted being impatient at the bar after the fashion show, and then overheard saying "Bro, I like look so weird bro! Like what if I got arrested tonight, that would be so funny being in jail and looking this weird." Its true people, I really overheard this horrific conversation. Granted this was only one of the male models. But after reading in Marjorie Skinner's column in the Mercury that this show uses more alternative models, I was pretty shocked that this bro slipped through the cracks. I was also surprised to see the guy who got screamed at by a photographer for not walking far enough down the runway at fashion week. He was doing a better job this time around, but maybe that's because there was no runway. At least one of the male models kept doing this nice shaky leg dance and another one jerked off glitter at the end of the show--good job boys!

All this nonsense aside, there were some good clothes showcased at Sweet F.A. There were also some duds (generic plaid button up shirts, COME ON!).

It was impossible for me to tell who designed what, and that kinda sucked. One of the designers was Alexis Buck who did my makeup last summer at the Lancome counter, and I really wanted to know which stuff was hers! Other designers featured were Alyson Clair, Carloyn Hart, Adam Andreas, Cano Apparel, Flood Clothing, Squeak Designs, Owl Haus, and Amy Elizabeth Couture.

Probably the best thing about this show was that I learned the origin of the slang term Sweet F.A., which comes from British slang meaning "nothing" (how nihilistic!) and is referencing this sweet little girl Fanny Adams who was brutally murdered and dismembered by some creep in a field. Read the whole Wikipedia article its pretty funny, well that is if you can laugh at child murder:

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lady Gaga at the Brit Awards

At the Brit Awards, Lady Gaga did a breathtaking ballad version of Telephone, followed by a minimalist version of Dance in the Dark using this crazy looking upright bass keytar sampler thing, but *woah* lets talk about her outfit for a minute. I was totally surprised but this three-tiered, baggy, cult member outfit on the red carpet; I guess I'm just so used to seeing that hot body! I love the way she is posing, she's like "Go on and hang me on the cross already!"

The lace bodysuit she wore underneath (or changed into) for her performance was more what I would expect out of Gaga, with the added bonus of a crotch shot in the press room. She smartly paired her ensembles of the evening with a pretty lace face mask and a bride of Frankenstein wig.

Did you watch her performance yet?! Don't miss an awkward Courtney Love standing next to Ginger Spice at the end.