Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Shut up U.S.!

Can you believe this outfit landed Gaga on US Magazines "Worst Dressed of 2009 List". Ugh! Once again, she looks hella fine and they just don't get it. Not only is looking like a psychotic doll totally awesome, but now everyone is wearing their underwear outside of their clothes. Well, at least other celebrities on the "worst dressed list" are doing it.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Alexander McQueen:The Horn of Plenty

I have been fawning over Alexander McQueen's Fall/Winter '09 Collection for some time but this video of the runway show really blew my mind; you MUST watch it! For some high quality viewing (followed by some rabid consumption) go here:


"This is power dressing at its most elaborate and extreme."

The makeup artist from Alexander McQueen’s show, Peter Philips, said: “We were inspired by clowns, divas and Pierrot, with a bit of Joan Crawford thrown in." Tight. I love that there is that gigantic pile of garbage in the middle of the runway and that their hats are also made out of garbage. The white plastic bag hat is especially genius. Isabella Blow would totally approve.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Grunge Isn't Dead, and Kristin McMenamy is Still Fabulous

Kristin McMenamy is still looking smashing at 43; I hear she does Bikram yoga and slathers her face in moisturizer constantly, so I know that we have at least two things in common. After pouring over her stunning photos from the July '09 issue of Italian Vogue all morning, I went hunting for some older pictures of her. I dug up these great grunge pictures that make me very happy. Although I love glamour, I am totally grunge by default because I am always spilling stuff all over myself and staining all my clothes, and I wear stuff until it is beyond tattered and worn. And because I love Nirvana. And flannel.

These top two pics are two of my favorites from the Italian Vogue shoot with Steven Meisel.
Androgynous biker is always a sexy look. The naked one is beautiful but also pretty goth and scary. It reminds me of Windham Earl from Twin Peaks, specifically that scene where he is in an evil trance with his big gaping black mouth. Reeee reeeee. If I look as good as Kristin when I am 43 I will be stoked.

Gaga Meets the Queen

Woah, nice look Stefani. You don't mind me calling you Stefani, do you? Oh, you Do. Well. Fine then. I still like your outfit.
Even though most huge pop stars get to meet the Queen of England when I first saw these I was like OMG its LADY GAGA and THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND! So SKETCH! The people standing behind Gaga seem to be thinking the same thing. Thank God someone suggested she wear this modest red pleather dress rather than one of her typical pantless outfits.

Note: In the Jan '10 issue of Elle, Gaga says that this red latex dress was inspired by Queen Elizabeth I and that she had it specially made for the occasion. Oh Gaga, I love how you put so much thought into everything.