Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lady Gaga at the Brit Awards

At the Brit Awards, Lady Gaga did a breathtaking ballad version of Telephone, followed by a minimalist version of Dance in the Dark using this crazy looking upright bass keytar sampler thing, but *woah* lets talk about her outfit for a minute. I was totally surprised but this three-tiered, baggy, cult member outfit on the red carpet; I guess I'm just so used to seeing that hot body! I love the way she is posing, she's like "Go on and hang me on the cross already!"

The lace bodysuit she wore underneath (or changed into) for her performance was more what I would expect out of Gaga, with the added bonus of a crotch shot in the press room. She smartly paired her ensembles of the evening with a pretty lace face mask and a bride of Frankenstein wig.

Did you watch her performance yet?! Don't miss an awkward Courtney Love standing next to Ginger Spice at the end.

Happy Birthday Agyness Deyn!

My little Aggy turned 27 on Tuesday, congratulations girl! These top pics are balloons for birthday and some random ones of her looking smokin' hot.I've dubbed these bottom two pictures "Queen Deyn and Her Court" (Lily Donaldson and Jessican Stam wearing beautiful Alexander McQueen gowns). Who would have thought Aggy would make such a good and proper queen?! It took me awhile to realize how out of control her bib-like statement necklace is.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Kristen Stewart--My Reluctant Darling

Ya know Kristen, you would have made it on the blog sooner if you acted like you gave a shit about fashion, but clearly you are above all that superficial nonsense and that is probably why I love you so much. Also, you are sort of bad at modeling, but I'm sure it makes you uncomfortable so I really couldn't care less, especially because you have great personal style. More importantly you are like the best, next to Dakota Fanning and Evan Rachel Wood, but I wish you were my friend way more than them. You are the coolest. Fierce People was great, and you fucking totally blew my mind in The Cake Eaters. Will you marry me when gay marriage is legalized in California? Please?

Aquilano.Rimondi-- I've Got My Eye On You

Bebes, why is there not more on the internet about you? Your fashions are fierce!

Best Of Spring : Rodarte

I love Rodarte so much I don't even think there are words to express the love. Their runway show is tops--look at all that nuclear yellow-cake colored smoke! They even played a modified version of Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus", could it get any better?


These clothes look sort of bondagy and sort of ripped up and the models' fake tatoos and styling makes them look like they belong in some futuristic, Max Maxish dystopia tribe. There was an article about the Mulleavy sisters inthe Nov 2009 issue of British Elle where Kate said "If we could dig a ditch and bury our dresses and dig them out 10 years later, that would be the ideal of how we'd want them to look."

Love it. Did you know they were raised in Santa Cruz!? Awesome!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Alexander McQueen: Fall Winter 2010/2011 Menswear

After hearing the tragic news about Alexander McQueen yesterday I kinda just wanted to crawl in a hole and declare that fashion is OVER.

If you are sad about the loss if this genius man, maybe watching this will distract you from the agony. Or maybe it'll just rub it in. Either way, this catacombs inspired pattern is off the chain. No better way to show off your amazing tailoring skills than using fabric printed with the most insanely intricate pattern you can dream up. I'll miss you Lee.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Best of Spring: Chanel

Normally the coming of spring fashion fills me with a sort of dreaded anticipation of gross pastels and obnoxious florals, but this season we were definetely spared. White seems to be the big color for Spring (I know, white is not a color, its a shade, but it sounds weird saying "White is the 'it' shade of Spring"), but I'm thankfully still seeing a lot of black and jewel-toned primary colors. These fluffy puffy white Chanel dresses are great, but when I see white clothes I picture myself spilling a huge cup of coffee all over myself and it makes me nervous.

Harper's Bazaar was pushing jewel-toned green as Spring's big color but I'm not seeing too much of it in this handy Vogue Italia Fashion Shows Spring/Summer 2010 catalog I've got sitting in front of me. Still, the green stuff they were showing in Bazaar was pretty.

But back to this Chanel collection! I love the full, short skirts, the cool patterns, and the sheer blacks. The red suit with the puffy sleeves is beautiful! I would also totally wear the white crocheted looking dress with the blue and red flowers. Sadly I could not find a picture of my favorite version of this dress, but its the one with the frill at the neckline on Katie Holmes's wedding dress. So if you want to buy me a present....

Apparently at the end of this show Lara Stone came out dressed up as a milkmaid and went for a literal roll in the hay with two other models. Sexy! Way to make the most of this down- home country setting Karl.

Stevel Meisel Spoofs Twitter

These Stephen Meisel Twitter spoof pictures from Italian Vogue Dec '09 are HILARIOUS! Aggy and Kristin were my favorites, and not just because they are both wearing outrageous leopard print ensembles. Kristin's made me seriously LOL, her face is priceless, and the little dog! Their captions are super funny too. To see the whole set of 23 pics go here:,0,0

Agyness Deyn, I Can't Believe You Haven't Made It On The Blog Yet!!!

How could I neglect my beloved Aggy for this long!? For those of you that don't know Agyness Deyn--born Laura Hollis in Manchester 26 years ago--is not only my favorite model, but quite possibly the world's favorite model. According to Wikipedia, she has been hailed as the "fashion industry's next great supermodel", and the evidence to back this up can be seen in the January Issue of Italian Vogue, Runway 2010. Aggy is all over this issue, sporting her cute new shaggy black hair.

Not only is Agyness a great model who changed her name and lied about her age to further her career (genius!), but she has GREAT personal style. Not afraid to be herself, Aggy is always a bit punky, and she really lets loose when she's off duty, often sporting just some shredded jeans and a band tee. She's not afraid to mix and match an ugly old sweater with some grandpa shoes and end up on the worst dressed list. I wish we were friends in real life. To honor her for her upcoming birthday on Feb 16,
lets take a look back at some of Aggy's fabulous punky looks! (As well as some more classical ones, daaaaaang cover of Korean Vogue! Someone help me get a copy of this issue!)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Isabella Blow, We Miss You!

The world isn't quite as magical now that weird hat lover Isabella Blow is dead and gone. Read her crazy life story here:

Gaga at the Grammys Part 2

Dang woman. You're looking good tonight...

So I didn't actually see this outfit until a couple days after the Grammys because I didn't actually watch them because they are HELLA BORING. I did scope out the highlights online of course and my housemate had it on in the next room with instructions to get me when Gaga came on.....but anyway, dang woman, that outfit is fly. Dress by Mr.Georgio Armani, hat by Philip Tracy.

The bottom picture is of Lady Gaga Barbies someone made. CUTE!