Thursday, February 11, 2010

Best of Spring: Chanel

Normally the coming of spring fashion fills me with a sort of dreaded anticipation of gross pastels and obnoxious florals, but this season we were definetely spared. White seems to be the big color for Spring (I know, white is not a color, its a shade, but it sounds weird saying "White is the 'it' shade of Spring"), but I'm thankfully still seeing a lot of black and jewel-toned primary colors. These fluffy puffy white Chanel dresses are great, but when I see white clothes I picture myself spilling a huge cup of coffee all over myself and it makes me nervous.

Harper's Bazaar was pushing jewel-toned green as Spring's big color but I'm not seeing too much of it in this handy Vogue Italia Fashion Shows Spring/Summer 2010 catalog I've got sitting in front of me. Still, the green stuff they were showing in Bazaar was pretty.

But back to this Chanel collection! I love the full, short skirts, the cool patterns, and the sheer blacks. The red suit with the puffy sleeves is beautiful! I would also totally wear the white crocheted looking dress with the blue and red flowers. Sadly I could not find a picture of my favorite version of this dress, but its the one with the frill at the neckline on Katie Holmes's wedding dress. So if you want to buy me a present....

Apparently at the end of this show Lara Stone came out dressed up as a milkmaid and went for a literal roll in the hay with two other models. Sexy! Way to make the most of this down- home country setting Karl.

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