Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lady Gaga at the Brit Awards

At the Brit Awards, Lady Gaga did a breathtaking ballad version of Telephone, followed by a minimalist version of Dance in the Dark using this crazy looking upright bass keytar sampler thing, but *woah* lets talk about her outfit for a minute. I was totally surprised but this three-tiered, baggy, cult member outfit on the red carpet; I guess I'm just so used to seeing that hot body! I love the way she is posing, she's like "Go on and hang me on the cross already!"

The lace bodysuit she wore underneath (or changed into) for her performance was more what I would expect out of Gaga, with the added bonus of a crotch shot in the press room. She smartly paired her ensembles of the evening with a pretty lace face mask and a bride of Frankenstein wig.

Did you watch her performance yet?! Don't miss an awkward Courtney Love standing next to Ginger Spice at the end.

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  1. my l.a. friend Jeppe did the remix version of "dance in the dark" that she performed with the key-cello-tar thing. The cooter shot was to silence all the sex-change myths.