Monday, March 1, 2010

Sweet F.A.: A Rock and Roll Fashion Show

Sweet F.A.: A fashion show where bros put on a bunch of guy-liner and try to act rock and roll, and are spotted being impatient at the bar after the fashion show, and then overheard saying "Bro, I like look so weird bro! Like what if I got arrested tonight, that would be so funny being in jail and looking this weird." Its true people, I really overheard this horrific conversation. Granted this was only one of the male models. But after reading in Marjorie Skinner's column in the Mercury that this show uses more alternative models, I was pretty shocked that this bro slipped through the cracks. I was also surprised to see the guy who got screamed at by a photographer for not walking far enough down the runway at fashion week. He was doing a better job this time around, but maybe that's because there was no runway. At least one of the male models kept doing this nice shaky leg dance and another one jerked off glitter at the end of the show--good job boys!

All this nonsense aside, there were some good clothes showcased at Sweet F.A. There were also some duds (generic plaid button up shirts, COME ON!).

It was impossible for me to tell who designed what, and that kinda sucked. One of the designers was Alexis Buck who did my makeup last summer at the Lancome counter, and I really wanted to know which stuff was hers! Other designers featured were Alyson Clair, Carloyn Hart, Adam Andreas, Cano Apparel, Flood Clothing, Squeak Designs, Owl Haus, and Amy Elizabeth Couture.

Probably the best thing about this show was that I learned the origin of the slang term Sweet F.A., which comes from British slang meaning "nothing" (how nihilistic!) and is referencing this sweet little girl Fanny Adams who was brutally murdered and dismembered by some creep in a field. Read the whole Wikipedia article its pretty funny, well that is if you can laugh at child murder:

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