Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Gayest Show Ever

Karl Lagerfeld's Spring Summer 2008 rtw is officially the gayest runway show I have ever seen.

This runway is fabulous! The clothes have have elegant simplicity with a punky edgy. This is how I would want to dress if I worked in an office. I like the gothy mesh sleeves/undershirts that were worked into a lot of the outfits, as well as the bondagy bracelets and necklaces. Short fluffy skirts over shiny strait legged pants is super cute! Don't miss Aggy being turbo fiernce at 7:48! Other hilights:

1:35--Lara Stone's imprisoned child dress
2:35--PRIEST PROM! kind of reminds me of Balenciaga and orphan uniforms
5:43--Jetsons with a too high nude bikini top triangles. Radioactive! Hella goth sleeves.
5:55--Pretty! My favorite!

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