Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Karl Had Beezies Trotting Around Fountains Days Ago

So people will not shut up about the new Louis Vuitton fall collection. You know what I'm talking about--the one with all the supermodels and the cleavage. When I first saw this collection I felt like Marc Jacobs was telling me to get back in the kitchen. I mean, why would he want to take women back to the 50s? I know everyone is obsessed with Mad Men and everything, but what about all the back alley abortions and segregation and lord I don't even want to get into it!

But I have to admit, I was intrigued enough to give the trend a try via Topshop. I'm too much of a chunkler to really pull off the whole wasp waist thing, but I managed to find a high-waisted full skirt and paired it with some tight tucked in tank top type thing. I've got to say the response was overwhelming. I felt pretty bangin, and this one man went as far as to yell, "WOW!....WOW!.....DANG!!!" at me from the gas station. I know dudes at the gas station will hollar at anything, but he was getting really worked up.

It was then it hit me, this look isn't about 50's nostaliga, its about sex appeal. Thanks for bringing back cleavage Marc, and my boobs thank you too.

But the fountains, the fountains, you must watch these videos to understand about the fountains! (Watch for Stamoo tripping all over her super-long dress; thank goodness the other models helped her for the final walk!) P.S. I love you Karl.

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