Saturday, October 9, 2010

Nice Conflict Back Patch Seth Aaron

Omj, who knew Seth Aaron was so cute!? Well, I for one did NOT since I just started watching Project Runway this season!

Tonight was Portland Fashion Week 2010's fourth installment--a night entirely dedicated to former PR contestants. I saw Seth Aaron sitting across from me on Thursday night and I was like "Oh, he is adorable." But tonight he took it to the next level with his Conflict back patch. Sethy is a punk rocker..eee eee.

What he was wearing aside, all the looks he sent down the runway were Fab-u-lous! Definately the best looks of the week! I loved all the headwear that looked like it was practically consuming his model's heads. I was way into his futuristic cyber punky looks. Strong shoulders and vinyl, hot. I wish I had better pics, WAH!

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