Thursday, March 3, 2011

John Gallino-You're Fired

This week Galliano was fired from Dior for being an inappropriate, anti-semitic maniac. There was a time when I considered him to be my favorite designer, so its disappointing to find out he is such a dick in real life. Its no secret that Galliano is a total party animal lush (who could forget his rehab departure statement "Now I'm going to Ibiza to retox."), but no level of blacked-outedness excuses talking about putting people in ovens. Thats some Mel Gibson shit. To cheer myself up and remember why I was once so into this asshole, here is a Galliano retrospective. Its always satisfying to see a powerful person fall from grace, but its even more satisfying to see a jerk get their comeuppance. John, you're fired!

Pretty pretty princess!
From Harper's Bazaar
This green dress was always one of my favorites.
From the same family as the green dress.
Epic gown.
I want this.
Pharoah style.
This guy has CD boobs.
Turbo goth.

Agoo in her Dior makeup and her own clothes after the show.

Finally, here is the infamous vid that got him fired.

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