Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Emo Clotheshorse

What is it with me and emotional attachments to clothes? Oh no do I sound like Seinfeld?! Horror! Seriously though, I am so ridiculous when it comes to getting rid of clothing--especially when its something I handmade or something I wore in high school (most of which does not fit).
I was trying to consign some things at Golden Rule that fit this months early 90's beach theme and half of it ended up coming back home with me! As for the stuff that ended up in the store, I intentionally priced most of it so high that it probably won't sell. I'm like Steve Buscemi in Ghost World for goodness sakes! Get a grip Long-necker! Here are some examples of what I couldn't let go.

A Middle Agye Pervert original. I manically block printed this on a sunny Sunday last April.
My favorite sweater from 9th grade.

The Beach Bunny sweatshirt, a perfect fit. Yes, the white on the bunnies and the lawn chairs is that white puffy raised stuff you remember from all your fave 90's gear.

Paint splatters, puffy paint, and mirrors make this shirt a serious keeper.

Ugh, when will this sketchiness end? Never?! Yeah probably never.

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