Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Spring Wish List

Normally I am not a huge fan of Spring fashion because of the color palate, but this Spring I am thrilled to see navy, black, and gray abound. Its not that I have anything against color. I have just come to realize that most of the beautiful colors that exist in the world don't belong anywhere near my closet. Allow me to explain. Five years ago I threw open my closet doors and realized that it was a horrible rainbow nightmare in there. I had all these crazy ass clothes and no basics. There was all this teal and hot pink, and I don't even look good in teal! I had this totally slammin teal and silver zebra print sequined top that was totally amazing to look at, but mostly when it was on the hanger. So I swore off color, cleaned out my closet, and only bought clothes that were black or grey. It was pretty easy considering for those years my New Years Resolution was to be more goth. A few years went by and I decided navy blue things were okay to buy, and currently I've been sticking pretty strictly to primary colors (usually all three incorperated at once).

With that said, everything on my wish list is rather colorful! I think I'm going to have to start buying rainbows again.

Missoni <3 Havaianas

Marc by Marc Jacobs
Prada fur scarves.
Ew fur! I hate fur! These scarves are so cute though. Maybe its faux.

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