Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My 90's Nostalgia

Maybe its because Miriam found my VHS tapes from when I would ditch school to stay home and record the "In Bloom" video and other favorites off of MTV's all time top video countdowns, or maybe its because I'm going to be spending all weekend with the people I've been friends with since I was 14, but either way I'm having serious 90's nostalgia.

Does anyone else remember this interview?
Kathleen Hanna is my hero.

Her bra! Wanted it then, still want it now .
Kim Gordon, you're my hero too!
Tobi Vail, you stayed at my apartment, but I was too drunk and starstruck to talk to you.
I wanted to be Rayanne Graff, but in my heart I was always Angela Chase.
I want Macaulay Culkin to reverse age 20 years and come over this Christmas .
I think this is movie got me hooked on animal print.

When Billy was still hiding his birthmarks.
Beautiful or looks like a doiley?
Some cuties goofing around.
I wore this color lipstick to school in 7th grade and these bros told me my mouth looked like a butthole. What do you think, Darcy? Beautiful, or looks like a butthole?
This has got to be my favorite Laura Dern outfit in Wild at Heart.
You guys are such goofballs.
Oh Edward, you're so sensitive!
Aeon Flux with a very vaginal looking bikini bottom.
Come over and watch The Year Punk Broke with me!
Showgirls, I didn't see you then but I certainly love you now.

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