Monday, July 11, 2011

Chateau Dreams: Deyn Channels Dean

So is James Franco an overachiever or what? Apparently when hes not hosting the Oscars or getting a PhD, he is shooting awesome photos in helicopters with Agyness Deyn. I almost passed out when I opened July's issue of Elle and found these amazing photos of Agoo (the most beautiful woman in the world) shot by James Franco (the most multi-talented overachiever in the world, who also happens to be pretty easy on the eye). This highly androgynous spread was inspired by Rebel Without a Cause, which I'm sure Mr. Franco has spent plenty of time mulling over since he played James Dean in the James Dean biopic. I've yet to see that one, but I did watch Howl last week and LOVED IT. Its weird that all those animated parts had so much hetero sexiness but, whatever, still a fine film.

He is so good at being Allen Ginsberg! Allen and Peter's relationship is my new favorite love story, I can't stop thinking about them. So in love. "Finally I found someone who loved me as much as I loved them." AH! Swoon! Thats all I've ever wanted!

Anyways, heres the pictures. Strong work James Franco. Also kudos to Agoo for her work as fashion editor on "Chateau Dreams". Mwah!

This photo is making me feel the fear. So high up.
Hotness personified.
So beautiful....
Looking like a hot man, my fave look for Agoo.
One moody bitch.
Exuding massive amounts of coolness, as usual.

Hot man.

Driving me crazy laying on that bed like that. Oh and a cute kitty!

James Franco working it in the fearcopter.
Allen and Peter! EEEEEE! Allen is serving up some serious David Cross face in this pic.

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