Saturday, July 16, 2011

Savage Beauty

Alexander McQueen was my all consuming obsession before he died by his own hand last year. Its still hard for me to talk about his death and his work because I loved him so much and still do love him so much--probably even more now with his tragic and untimely death more than a year behind us. He will always be dear to my heart.

I feel very fortunate that I got to go to New York in July and see the Savage Beauty exhibition at the MET. We waited in line for and hour and a half and were crammed in there like sardines. It was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. This exhibition was proof of how many others feel the same way about McQueen that I do. It was magical for us to all come together and revel in his genius and share our sorrow. However, it still stings that this exhibition would not have happened if he was still alive today. Heres some pictures:

I wish I could spend every day at the MET.
My fave from Horn of Plenty.
Using some prosthesis technology for fashion (and horses were harmed in the making of this garment)
Insane embroidery.
What Shalom wore when she got painted by the robots.

The dress on the left is made out of medical slides and hand dyed ostrich feathers. The one on the right is made from razor clam shells.
I was pretty obsessed with the middle dress pictured here. Hard to tell from the picture, but it had the most insane lace work, it was blowing my mind.
This thing was pretty cool, I would totally wear this.
This grand feather bow garment had a quite a presence.
The new new shoulder.
I don't think this was in there but I really like this feather cocoon dress from the Horn of Plenty collection.
A triad of movement.

This thing has a vagie, kind of of sea-grass look to it.
The Cabinet of Curiosities. Look, its the Shalom Harlow robot spray paint dress. Hey, that Philip Treacy butterfly hat was in this room too, woah! Epic. From going to this exhibition I learned that when Isabella Blow died, she left all her clothes to Daphne Guinness, including McQueens entire senior collection from St.Martins. As if Daphne's wardrobe wasn't already fabulous enough! Anyway, a lot of those clothes were on display here.
This dress is made of both real and fake flowers.

An ideal wedding dress.

The final collection.

Asian inspiration.

This middle one was so insane up close, it was beaded on the hips and the fabric was like this shiny jacquard thing. Being able to look at everything super up close was the best part, seeing all the little details and the flawless construction. I was amazed.
I miss you dude. It sucks how much you wanted to die.

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