Monday, July 11, 2011

Thanks for the Cool Shades Bjorn Borg

Bjorn Borg not only has a cool name but also made some really awesome sunglasses in the 80's. Ever since I got my Borg shades last Halloween at Golden Rule I have been wondering what fashionable planet they came from (probably France right?). Well I have tennis champ Bjorn Borg to thank for my newfound fabulousness. It makes sense that they were designed by a sporty dude since they hook behind the ears and conveniently don't fly off your face (while unleashing your wicked backhard or a brutal serve, or in my case mowing the lawn).

Serving up fabulousness, Borg style.
Richie Tenenbaum (who's character was loosely based on Bjorn Borg) was looking pretty fab too, but he was actually wearing Vuarnets.
I found these online for $465. Feeling like a savvy shopper for getting mine for $35.

MINE! Mine are the best!
Oh gosh, now I'm feeling a bit braggy. You can try them on if you want! I'll take your picture.
But then you have to give them back, okay? Hey, where are you going?!
That fashion illustration book 9 Heads called this sunglasses shape "Boston". I love you Boston.

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