Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mommy, I love your hair.

I'm loving the teal hair, mommy. Did y'all know that she has a fashion column in V Magazine now? Its hella existential college essay style fashion talk. What a smrty pants. Love you.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Do Yourself A Favor, Read Role Models

John Water's latest book Role Models is a real screamer. I'm so glad I randomly found it today at the library in the "Lucky Day/Hot Book" section by the checkout counter. A lucky day indeed! This book had me howling and choking with its hilarity. So why am I writing about it on my fashion blog you may wonder. No, I am not trying to make this blog like Gwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle queef-a-thon GOOP.

The reason is there is chapter about John's fave fashion designer Rei Kawakubo, the genius beast behind Comme des Garcons. This chapter also has some highly relatable stories about thrift store treasure hunting, and outfit choices being the leading cause of fights with parents. The ladder was on my mind anyway because I'm packing to go see my parents in Las Vegas later this week, and no matter how hard I try, I never cease to horrify and outrage them with my outfit choices. For some reason when I try to look conservative, I only make it worse. I wonder, will reading Role Models help me edit my suitcase or fuel the outfit insanity fire? Only time will tell. Anyway, you should hella read this book. Oh yeah, in the Rei Kawakubo chapter, John also explains how he gets his signature mustache to look like that--AMAZING. Here's some pictures.

Role Models launch party at the Comme de Garcons store in London.
I don't know for sure if this look John is flossing is Comme des Garcons or not, but its pretty amazing, right? Dude, is that seersucker? Those circle things look like radioactive olives and that collar..., is that crocheted? Woah. Fantastic. Pictured with the reason my heart beats--Matthew.
In my fantasy world where I am I gay man, I am wearing this jacket.
Other pant bottoms tacked onto flood pants?
Two different coat fronts (and lengths).
Gothy goth.
Five outfits in one!
Looks like she wrapped herself up in the scarf rack at the Thrift Center in Santa Cruz. Don't get me wrong, they have some great scarves there, and its always 50% off. WHAAAAAAT!?
Comme des Garcons for H&M.

Also, I dare you to go to the Comme des Garcons website and try to look at any actual clothes. I think its just a trippy art/Ai WeiWei slideshow. http://www.comme-des-garcons.com/

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Miss Golden Rule

Since Golden Rule closed I've actually been having to shop at other vintage stores; can you believe it? There's still a hole in my heart that Golden Rule is no more, but its fun to discover all the thrift and vintage that Portland has to offer. For example: did you know that there is a store in Hollywood (Portland, not L.A.) called Hollywood Reruns that has an insane magazine library/archive/buy 2 get one free deal on Magazines?! Is true! They have hell of 90's Vogues and Harpers Bazaars and old T.V. guides and Threads and Time and whatever the fuck old ass magazine you might be desiring at the moment. Its probably there! Okay, so I was looking for Sassy magazine, specifically the Kurt and Courtney issue, and i couldn't find it, but its probably there somewhere right!?

So I bought 7 awesome magazines and a bunch of red glasswear and some mushroom printed trivets and a cute wallhanging and it was only $38. AAAANNND the nice old Russian lady ringing me up called me "honey" like 8 times. Amazing! Go there. Its sketchy and wonderful.

More store reviews to follow...

Meanwhile, here's some cute stuff I bought at Golden Rule:

These are the skanky shorts I do yardwork in; they have holes in the crotch. Everything else is from Golden Rule.
If this fantasy ballerina/fairy princess dress was my size, I probably would have bought it too.
Insane crocheted pants.
I'm totally bringing these to Las Vegas next week.
Why hello there. I'm not for sale.....like in Ghost World....

Matthew, je t'aime!!! Part 2

Dammit dude! Just when I thought I was done talking about how fabulous you are I find this. THIS!!! http://www.bullettmagazine.com/posts/america-by-matthew-gray-gubler-nate-loman-and-adam-mcewen

This is hilarious! You look like George Michael! I love George Michael! AAHHHHH!

I think my head is going to explode. Look at these fucking pictures already.

George Michael doppelganger.
This eyeball thing looks like some rave toy Sara Ball had in her car in 10th grade.

What a goof ball.
WERK papi!
I want an MGG kaleidoscope.

Matthew, je t'aime!!!

So you probably already know I have an all consuming crush on Matthew Gray Gubler. Why you may ask? Duh, because he is the dreamiest dreamboat any girl or gay could ever dream about. Hello!? Haven't you been watching Criminal Minds? No? But you must have heard about the hilarious mocumentaries Matthew made about himself being a huge diva on set. Really?(http://www.youtube.com/user/matthewgraygubler) Well surely you've looked at Matthew's website right? ( http://www.matthewgraygubler.com/) WHAT?! Well go look at it right now. Well finish reading this first, then go look.

Anyway, I love Matthew and the way he dresses but I've been a little reluctant to put him on the blog. You see, Matthew is an accidental fashion model and his reluctance to get involved in such a career in the first place made me think maybe this isn't what I should be focusing on in regards to what makes him so rad. Then this Aldo ad came out and changed everything. Dancing in a tiger suit. OMG. Congrats dude, you earned your spot on the blog. I love you.

if that stops working go here:


If I was a man I would totally wear that sportcoat with that shirt.
Hey I like posing with my mouth open too! We're so alike.
I'd like to think that if I got the opportunity to hug Matthew that he would be slightly less uncomfortable than this.