Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Miss Golden Rule

Since Golden Rule closed I've actually been having to shop at other vintage stores; can you believe it? There's still a hole in my heart that Golden Rule is no more, but its fun to discover all the thrift and vintage that Portland has to offer. For example: did you know that there is a store in Hollywood (Portland, not L.A.) called Hollywood Reruns that has an insane magazine library/archive/buy 2 get one free deal on Magazines?! Is true! They have hell of 90's Vogues and Harpers Bazaars and old T.V. guides and Threads and Time and whatever the fuck old ass magazine you might be desiring at the moment. Its probably there! Okay, so I was looking for Sassy magazine, specifically the Kurt and Courtney issue, and i couldn't find it, but its probably there somewhere right!?

So I bought 7 awesome magazines and a bunch of red glasswear and some mushroom printed trivets and a cute wallhanging and it was only $38. AAAANNND the nice old Russian lady ringing me up called me "honey" like 8 times. Amazing! Go there. Its sketchy and wonderful.

More store reviews to follow...

Meanwhile, here's some cute stuff I bought at Golden Rule:

These are the skanky shorts I do yardwork in; they have holes in the crotch. Everything else is from Golden Rule.
If this fantasy ballerina/fairy princess dress was my size, I probably would have bought it too.
Insane crocheted pants.
I'm totally bringing these to Las Vegas next week.
Why hello there. I'm not for sale.....like in Ghost World....

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