Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Matthew, je t'aime!!!

So you probably already know I have an all consuming crush on Matthew Gray Gubler. Why you may ask? Duh, because he is the dreamiest dreamboat any girl or gay could ever dream about. Hello!? Haven't you been watching Criminal Minds? No? But you must have heard about the hilarious mocumentaries Matthew made about himself being a huge diva on set. Really?(http://www.youtube.com/user/matthewgraygubler) Well surely you've looked at Matthew's website right? ( http://www.matthewgraygubler.com/) WHAT?! Well go look at it right now. Well finish reading this first, then go look.

Anyway, I love Matthew and the way he dresses but I've been a little reluctant to put him on the blog. You see, Matthew is an accidental fashion model and his reluctance to get involved in such a career in the first place made me think maybe this isn't what I should be focusing on in regards to what makes him so rad. Then this Aldo ad came out and changed everything. Dancing in a tiger suit. OMG. Congrats dude, you earned your spot on the blog. I love you.

if that stops working go here:


If I was a man I would totally wear that sportcoat with that shirt.
Hey I like posing with my mouth open too! We're so alike.
I'd like to think that if I got the opportunity to hug Matthew that he would be slightly less uncomfortable than this.

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