Tuesday, September 20, 2011

K Stew in W

A few weeks ago I was shopping at Rad Summer and saw the brand new September issue of W with Kristen Stewart styled like a 60's Godard girl on the cover. I immediately regretted not renewing my subscription to W, almost fainted, then had the urge to steal the magazine. Not wanting to risk getting caught and being banned from Rad Summer forever, I instead sprinted over to Rich's Cigar Store and bought it! OMG! She is such a turbo babe! This shoot reminds me of what Lindsay Lohan was trying to do when she made Bobby, but Kristen's sexiness is so much more effortless and real. Eat your heart out Lindsay! Kristen, thank you so much for not being a Hollywood trainwreck! Maybe some day when Twilight is really over over we can be friends in real life. We can smoke cigarettes and watch Kenneth Anger or eat soup and watch Twin Peaks. Whatever you want. I love you.

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