Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Woah, Biebs on the cover of V?

When my V mag came in the mail yesterday and I saw Biebs was on the cover I screamed, and it was not the kind of scream that would come from a infatuated tween Bielieber. It was more like the kind of scream that would happen if Butthead walked in on Beavis taking a dump. "UUUUHhhhhhhhhhhh!"


I was like what the fuck, Biebs in V? Thats Gaga's territory! And we all know how he feels about her. "Its like I came out an egg, its art, buuuuhhhhhh" (to paraphrase Biebs reaction to Gaga's Grammys egg hatchery). Whatever Biebs you brought your pet baby snake to the Grammys, you eccentric little teen. "This snake is a baby, baby, baby, oooohhhhhhhhh!" Sorry, I couldn't help myself!

So if you are freaked out by this magazine cover, don't worry, its a really good issue. Nina Hagen is in there and Marilyn Manson and Ke$ha! And Gaga of course has her regular fashion column. If you're still upset, just do what I did and pretend Biebs is a teen version of Shane from the L-Word!

My fave part of this issue so far was the fashion illustrations from Gaga's column. Especially the one Karl Lagerfeld did for the Chanel gown she wore to the opening of her Christmas Workshoppe at Barneys.

Avec Nicolas....

Werk mami...

Shes epic.

Karl's good at drawing.


Karl also had some kind words for Lady G:

"Gaga gives the world her music and her talent, but the thing I like most is that she fights against boredom and banality. She also puts forth an ever changing, inspiring, and strong image--an image beyond fashion. She is an extreme concentrate of 'zeit-geist', freeing us from the heavy boredom of publicly displayed political correctness by being herself more than politically correct. Something in today's world would be missed if there was no Lady Gaga because Gaga is a Lady."

Awwwww....Karl, I was kinda miffed at you last week, but I guess you've redeemed yourself. Mwah!

Lovely and Inspiring

The time has come to get back to work developing my collection for Fall 2012. I'm excited and a little freaked out. This whole week I've been trying to get back to work but I keep getting side tracked by my desire to bake a bunch of cookies and my new addiction to the amazing LOGO show A-List New York. "He SMELLED like FUNYUNS and BROCCOLI." I love you Ryan Nickulas.

Anyway, as you can see I am in quite the procrastination conundrum.

Maybe some inspirational pics will help.

Awwww....fishie! Don't worry, despite their menacing appearance, Abyssal Animals don't want to eat your face. They just want to snuggle you and snack on the death confetti of leftover flesh chunks that sift down to their zone.
How am I going to take waterproof polyester and make it look like these hot leather pants.....only time will tell....
Dude, these Alexander McQueen pants are kinda ugly, but I am still inspired by them. For some reason they just scream "commuter cycling apparel" to me.
A modern take on the 40's. A soft knit makes everything so much nicer.
Some military/40's/trenchcoat action.
I am completely obsessed with that waistband.
Pointy party.
Angular action.
Nice Limp Wrist shirt Ryan Gosling. I'm glad that you're kinda punk and comfortable with your sexuality!
A motorcycle jacket inspired Burberry good.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Marc Mania

I am not usually a huge fan of Spring fashion. I like that the weather gets warmer in Spring and all the bulbs bloom, but I am not too crazy about wearing pastels or white or tan. Come to think of it, I pretty much wear fall colors year round.

HOWEVER, I am super excited about the Louis Vuitton Spring RTW Collection. Its whimsical with crazy floral super eyelet and humungo peter pan collars. And there was a carousel. A carousel!!!!


I now I want to have a fashion show involving one of those giant swing rides. And fire. Soooo much fire.....
"Being fabulous can be so exhausting...."

Do you think the classic and classy Ginuine song "Pony" was playing during this runway show? One can only hope.

Beading, what up!
I like the no pants looks. Fuck pants.
This ad campaign makes me want a sundae.
Are these chicks gonna make out? I would also like some candy and a chocolate milkshake.
"Omg, we are totally wearing the same thing. No YOU go home and change!"

I also wouldn't mind some blueberry waffles with maple syrup and rainbow sprinkles. I wish Rufus Humphrey were real and here right now with his waffle iron to make me Humphrey breakfast.

Marc, you deserve some downtime after designing that faboo collection! Looking good honey!
I am so glad Marc is happy and off the fritos and the ho-hos and all into his juicer and working out and relaxing on the beach with a book and a hottie. He was really ill a couple years ago so his transformation is hella inspiring. Also I love his Birkin beach bag. Werk papi!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Vogue Curvy

I found some words in English about the curvy trend from Italian Vogue's new website "Vogue Curvy". Read about big boobs and big butts and the clothes that make them look haute!

Thanks Italians! It makes sense that the Italians would spearhead the curve campaign because their culture loves eating. It would be cool if all the Vogue websites had this feature. I like long skinny people and all, but I can only look at so many pictures of them before I start to get hungry and wonder what all these clothes would look like on my short squishy body.

I know King Karl Lagerfeld said that only "fat mummies" who can't get their hand out of the bag of potato chips want to look at models that are bigger than a size zero, but maybe if Karl would stop ramming his fingers down his throat for 2 seconds he would realize that its stupid for just one body type to be popular, especially when most people have to go to dangerous lengths to achieve it. Think about the children Karl. They are like 4 years old and dieting. And for the record, I rarely eat potato chips.

Back when Karl couldn't get HIS hand out of the bag of chips.
Karl with his signature "Chunkler fan". Oh, is it hot in Paris? Boo hoo!
"Alright alright, I'm sorry would you please stop showing everyone these embarrassing photos?!"
Whatever Karl, how do you think your uber fashionable friend and client Beth Ditto would feel about your dumbass comments?

She would probably say "Shut up and make me some damn clothes Karl!"
Beth is so cute.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Vogue Italia Babes

I know, I know, this is from June! I am such a slacker! But there was no way I was going to forget to post these sexy Vogue Italia pictures featuring some of my favorite curvy models: Tara Lynn, Candice Huffine, and Robyn Lawley. This issue really made me wish I could read Italian! Throughout this whole issue it seemed as if there was some serious discussion going on about models with big butts vs models with boney butts. But I guess I'll never know. But I do know this.....big butts are cool. Thanks to Kate Dillon, Beth Ditto, Coco, Kim K. and all the other big booty fashion pioneers out there. Now please enjoy some boob and butt pics.

Is that a real fur! Eeeeeekkkkkk!

Uh huh, butt.

....very tan....