Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lovely and Inspiring

The time has come to get back to work developing my collection for Fall 2012. I'm excited and a little freaked out. This whole week I've been trying to get back to work but I keep getting side tracked by my desire to bake a bunch of cookies and my new addiction to the amazing LOGO show A-List New York. "He SMELLED like FUNYUNS and BROCCOLI." I love you Ryan Nickulas.

Anyway, as you can see I am in quite the procrastination conundrum.

Maybe some inspirational pics will help.

Awwww....fishie! Don't worry, despite their menacing appearance, Abyssal Animals don't want to eat your face. They just want to snuggle you and snack on the death confetti of leftover flesh chunks that sift down to their zone.
How am I going to take waterproof polyester and make it look like these hot leather pants.....only time will tell....
Dude, these Alexander McQueen pants are kinda ugly, but I am still inspired by them. For some reason they just scream "commuter cycling apparel" to me.
A modern take on the 40's. A soft knit makes everything so much nicer.
Some military/40's/trenchcoat action.
I am completely obsessed with that waistband.
Pointy party.
Angular action.
Nice Limp Wrist shirt Ryan Gosling. I'm glad that you're kinda punk and comfortable with your sexuality!
A motorcycle jacket inspired Burberry good.

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