Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Vogue Curvy

I found some words in English about the curvy trend from Italian Vogue's new website "Vogue Curvy". Read about big boobs and big butts and the clothes that make them look haute!


Thanks Italians! It makes sense that the Italians would spearhead the curve campaign because their culture loves eating. It would be cool if all the Vogue websites had this feature. I like long skinny people and all, but I can only look at so many pictures of them before I start to get hungry and wonder what all these clothes would look like on my short squishy body.

I know King Karl Lagerfeld said that only "fat mummies" who can't get their hand out of the bag of potato chips want to look at models that are bigger than a size zero, but maybe if Karl would stop ramming his fingers down his throat for 2 seconds he would realize that its stupid for just one body type to be popular, especially when most people have to go to dangerous lengths to achieve it. Think about the children Karl. They are like 4 years old and dieting. And for the record, I rarely eat potato chips.

Back when Karl couldn't get HIS hand out of the bag of chips.
Karl with his signature "Chunkler fan". Oh, is it hot in Paris? Boo hoo!
"Alright alright, I'm sorry would you please stop showing everyone these embarrassing photos?!"
Whatever Karl, how do you think your uber fashionable friend and client Beth Ditto would feel about your dumbass comments?

She would probably say "Shut up and make me some damn clothes Karl!"
Beth is so cute.

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