Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fashion Don'ts? I Beg To Differ

So I was reading some things on the conservative and fussy TMZ led me to this website, thanks TMZ! The first thing I read about was women who dress too young for their age (naturally I was curious about this because I am 29 and dress like a trendy 19 yr old). THEN I read this article about style "don'ts" and some of the pics were amazing!

Faux Pas: Tights as Pants.

Whatever, Lindsay Lohan is so hammered, she does NOT CARE if you can see her Brazillian!

Faux Pas: Sloppy, Slouchy Clothes

In regards to the amazing pic of MK (my hero) on the right: Hello, dressing like a homeless person when you are a billionaire is brilliant; that way you are way less likely to get mugged! As for the pic of A.O. on the left: This is more college student meets college professor meets $7,000 handbag. The only thing sloppy about it is that she needs to hem her pants!

Faux Pas: Impractical Shoes

Dear Snooty Bitch, Calling them impractical shoes just goes to show that you suck at wearing cool shoes. They are hella practical if your goals in life are looking crazy, being real tall, and drawing attention to yourself. Anyways, Mother is profoundly good at wearing these shoes; she was bound to eat it eventually. The woman is a warrior; a true shoe crusader!

In conclusion, style "don'ts" are tight. How do you expect to have a fashion moment if you are not freaking people out?

Sharon and Alaska: Easter realness

So next time you get dressed, remember the words of glamorous drag queen and Satan's secretary, Sharon Needles: "When in doubt, freak 'em out!"

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