Thursday, August 16, 2012

This Blog is Getting Worse

I know I know, you don't gotta TELL me. What, I have like fashion apathy this summer or something. Its not entirely my fault; its too early to write about fall and Lady Gaga has been dressing like a weird old label whore lady with a purse dog..... I don't have a lot to work with here people!!!!!

Whatever....I like you better as a metal slut.

I guess this is kinda cool though...

Oh gosh, I dunno, maybe you should just look at these pictures of Raja and Sharon, I'm going to the beach.

William invented the term "Race Chaser" to describe people who are out to fuck Drag Race contestants, "like a Starfucker only sadder". But what do you call your drunk friend who makes out with Sharon's brother for 40 minutes and then horrifyingly exclaims "I did that for you!".....I call her Alexis.

Jeremy Kost is rad; look him up!
Raja serving some James St.James realness.
I am really horrible at giving photo credits, but I made a point to write this down: photo by Traver Rains (omg is that right?; I can barely read my own handwriting.)
My crush is strait but I think its cute to see him kiss a this some like fag hag curse? I dunno, its just so lame when strait guys are like "thats faggot shit... I can't like tell if that guy is hot. BUH." Fucking grow a pair and make out with a dude already fucking strait boys, gawd.
Beauty overload:Cat Marnell and Amanda Lepore
feel empty inside after reading this? go here:

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