Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Why Can't I Draw Like Katie Gallagher?

Katie Gallagher is so adorable. She is like a real life Jenny Humphrey but without all the Upper East Side drama! Her fashion illustration is so good it kills me. I'm still honing my illustration skills and his girl has given me a lot of ideas about rendering black, something I was doing so badly a few months ago I am not even showing you....instead take a look at these lovelies.

In a graveyard with bats?

Snow astronauts?

Amazing rite!? So it should come as no surprise that this girl dresses the likes of Daphne Guinness and Gaga, ya heard? This bitch is an artist. Read this quote from Wikipedia:

“Everything I make starts with my paintings, which I’ve done every season prior to construction. I love to try to re-create a three-dimensional version of whatever I've drawn.....I normally create a scene, a narrative, or sometimes a whole universe that I would be interested in making a reality, and then I fill these worlds with people. …The people just happen to be wearing what's appropriate to their surroundings and ideas. Clothes aren't really at the center of my interests; the people that wear them and their ideals are.”

UGH, I fucking love her!

Go to her website to peep rad clothes and great styling katiegallagher.com.

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